SX19: Cambodia - Second Chance is the nineteenth installment of the Survivor X Series. This season returns to the cross-board format, including a majority of former castaways from past games hailing from both FGC & RTVG looking for another shot at the title of Sole Survivor.

Despite a number of swaps in the first few days of the game, the Bayons retained an overwhelming majority heading into the merge. However, a counter-alliance soon formed as the result of the auction and the Bayon alliance became dismantled one by one until only G.C. Brown/Brann remained at the final four. Although this mirrored his time in Gabonica to a tee, this time G.C. persevered- making key relationships & bold moves to propel himself into his first ever Final Tribal Council where he won against first-time finalists Reed Kelly/roll the dice to claim the title of Second Chance Sole Survivor in a 7-4 vote. G.C. is the first winner in history to ever attend every single Tribal Council every episode and not be voted out.


Contestant Original Tribes Three Tribes Swapped Tribes Merged Tribe Voted Out Redemption Island Finish Total Votes
Jay Byars

Zombie Island

Ta Keo 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Lost Duel #1
Day 5
20th Place
Day 5
Lisa Whelchel


Ta Keo Angkor 3rd Voted Out

Day 6

Lost Duel #2
Day 8
19th Place
Day 8
Rachel Foulger

Blood vs Water

Bayon Ta Keo 4th Voted Out

Day 9

Lost Duel #3
Day 10
18th Place
Day 10
Jenny Guzon-Bae

sizzling bikini
Fijook Isles

Ta Keo Bayon 5th Voted Out

Day 9

Lost Duel #3
Day 10
17th Place
Day 10
Lindsey Cascadden

San Juan Del Sur

Ta Keo Ta Keo Bayon 7th Voted Out

Day 11

Lost Duel #4
Day 12
16th Place
Day 12
Joe Anglim

San Juan Del Sur

Ta Keo Bayon Bayon Orkun Evacuated
Day 14
15th Place
Day 14
Kelly Shinn

Zombie Island

Bayon None None None 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
Lost Duel #5
Day 15
14th Place
Day 15
Erinn Lobdell


Ta Keo Ta Keo Ta Keo Orkun 8th Voted Out
Day 14
Lost Duel #6
Day 17
13th Place
1st Juror
Ken Hoang

Cambodia/First Timer

Ta Keo Angkor None 6th Voted Out
Day 9
1st Redeemed
Day 12
12th Place
2nd Juror
9th Voted Out
Day 16
Lost Duel #7
Day 20
Jon Misch

San Juan Del Sur

Bayon Bayon Bayon 11th Voted Out
Day 22
Lost Duel #8
Day 23
11th Place
3rd Juror
Brooke Struck

Cambodia/First Timer

Bayon Ta Keo Ta Keo 13th Voted Out
Day 24
Lost Duel #9
Day 25
10th Place
4th Juror
Hali Ford

Red Velvet
Cambodia/First Timer

Ta Keo Angkor Ta Keo 10th Voted Out
Day 19
Lost Duel #10
Day 28
9th Place
5th Juror
Bobby Jon Drinkard


Ta Keo Ta Keo Ta Keo 15th Voted Out
Day 30
Lost Duel #11
Day 31
8th Place
6th Juror
Denise Stapley


Bayon Bayon Bayon 12th Voted Out
Day 22
Lost Duel #12
Day 34
7th Place
7th Juror
Alexis Maxwell


Bayon Angkor Ta Keo 16th Voted Out
Day 33
Lost Final Duel
Day 36
6th Place
8th Juror
Pete Yurkowski


Bayon Angkor Bayon 14th Voted Out
Day 27
Lost Final Duel
Day 36
5th Place
9th Juror
Reynold Toepfer


Bayon Bayon Ta Keo 18th Voted Out
Day 37
4th Place
10th Juror
Hayden Moss

Blood vs Water

Ta Keo Ta Keo Ta Keo 17th Voted Out
Day 35
2nd Redeemed
Day 36
3rd Place
11th Juror
19th Voted Out
Day 38
Reed Kelly

roll the dice
San Juan Del Sur

Bayon Bayon Bayon Final Two Runner-Up 2
G.C. Brown


Bayon Angkor Bayon Final Two Sole Survivor 3

Game HistoryEdit

Episode Titles Redemption Island Finish Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
Inhabitant(s) Challenger(s) Eliminated
Episode One: "My Big Break!" Erinn & Hali Jay 9-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Brooke & Pete Kelly 9-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
Episode Two: "Repeating History or Re-Writing My Story" Jay Kelly Jay 1st eliminated Ta Keo Lisa 4-2 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
Episode Three: "Don't Come For Me Unless I Send For You" Kelly Lisa Lisa 2nd eliminated Brooke Rachel 5-1 4th Voted Out
Day 9
Reed Jenny 3-2-1 5th Voted Out
Day 9
G.C. Ken 3-2 6th Voted Out
Day 9
Episode Four: "I Will Seek Revenge" Kelly Rachel, Jenny & Ken Jenny 3rd eliminated Ta Keo Lindsey 5-1-1 7th Voted Out
Day 11
Rachel 4th eliminated
Episode Five: "Don't Let the FGC Hit Your Ass, Bitch!" Kelly & Ken Lindsey Lindsey 5th eliminated Denise Joe No Vote Medically Evacuated
Erinn 10-3 8th Voted Out
Day 14
Episode Six: "This May Be My Only Chance" Kelly Erinn Kelly 6th eliminated Alexis Ken 9-2-1 9th Voted Out
Day 16
Episode Seven: "Let the Fireworks Begin" Erinn Ken Erinn 7th eliminated
1st jury member
Erinn Hali 6-3-1-1 10th Voted Out
Day 19
Episode Eight: "Breathe New Life" Ken Hali Ken 8th eliminated
2nd jury member
Reed Jon 4-1 11th Voted Out
Day 22
Alexis Denise 4-1 12th Voted Out
Day 22
Episode Nine: "Playing the Angry Magikarp" Hali Jon & Denise Jon 9th eliminated
3rd jury member
Bobby Jon Brooke 5*-2-2 13th Voted Out
Day 24
Episode Ten: "All Those Years of College Paid Off!" Hali & Denise Brooke Brooke 10th eliminated
4th jury member
Reynold Pete 3-3-1 14th Voted Out
Day 27
Episode Eleven: "Why Does Karma Come in with a Swift Kick?" Hali & Denise Pete Hali 11th eliminated
5th jury member
Hayden Bobby Jon 3-2-0* 15th Voted Out
Day 30
Episode Twelve: "I Just Don't Like Her" Denise & Pete Bobby Jon Bobby Jon 12th eliminated
6th jury member
Reed Alexis 3-2 16th Voted Out
Day 33
Episode Thirteen: "I'm Having a Crazy Sense of Deja Vu" Denise & Pete Alexis Denise 13th eliminated
7th jury member
G.C. Hayden 3-0* 17th Voted Out
Day 35
Season Finale: "I Meant Business, I Wanted This Most" Pete Hayden Alexis 14th eliminated
8th jury member
Reed Reynold 2-2 18th Voted Out
Day 37
Alexis Pete 15th eliminated
9th jury member
Reed Hayden 1-0 19th Voted Out
Day 38
Reunion Jury Vote Reed 7-4 Runner-Up
G.C. Winner


Second Chances began as the twenty former SX players were divided into two tribes of ten- Ta Keo and Bayon.  At the game's start, a supply pick allowed Ken & Rachel to receive Hidden Immunity Idol clues while G.C. secured a Mysterious Crate.  At the Bayon Tribe, a sense of unity quickly formed and several strong bonds were forged within the first few days of the game.  At Ta Keo, the exact opposite happened as a sense of RTVG vs FGC allowed a strong RTVG majority to take over.  At the game's first challenge, the tribes were shocked to realize they were ultimately playing for 1 of 2 Individual Immunity necklaces- as unbeknownst to them they were about to take part in the fastest Pre-Merge in SX History.

Erinn & Hali for Ta Keo and Brooke & Pete for Bayon ended up lighting the most torches, winning them the necklaces for their tribes.  At the game's first Tribal Councils, an overwhelming majority coincidentally ganged up against both representatives from Zombie Island as Jay & Kelly became the first two castaways to be voted out.  However, in a surprise twist, neither were actually sent home as they were relocated to a secret Redemption Island to compete for another life in the game in true Second Chance fashion as would the rest of the Pre-Merge boots. At the next challenge, everyone was shocked to realize they were about to switch from 2 tribes into 3- with G.C.'s Mystery Crate advantage allowing him to select 3 members from each tribe to make up the third, birthing the Angkor Tribe.  However, Angkor was at a massive disadvantage having to start from scratch and the tribe lost the first real Immunity Challenge to the new Ta Keo & Bayon tribes.  G.C. found himself with Pete stuck in the middle, and at Tribal Council decided to side with his new FGC alliance to vote out Lisa.

The next Immunity Challenge was a shock to all as they soon realized they were about to encounter a Triple Tribal Council.  With Individual Immunity back up for grabs, Brooke, Reed & G.C. won their safety into the next round.   At the New Ta Keo tribe, the Ta Keo majority realized that Rachel had an idol and lulled her into safety- then blindsiding her.  To counter at the next vote, the Bayon majority voted out original Ta Keo member Jenny despite Reynold's pleas to be voted out.  And at Angkor's second vote, G.C. and Pete secured their alliance with Alexis by saving her- blindsiding Ken with his idol and angering Hali in the process.

None of the final 14 were too shocked when a third switch flipped them back into very similar Ta Keo/Bayon tribes- with Alexis and Reynold as the obvious targets of Ta Keo and Lindsey the only original Ta Keo on the new Bayon.  Brooke, Reed & G.C. each received clues to the Hidden Immunity Idols to which they all eventually found as well. The New Ta Keo tribe won the next Immunity Challenge, and despite Joe's increasing inactivity fever, Lindsey had nowhere to run and was quickly voted out.  However, Lindsey soon returned alongside Duel winners Kelly & Ken as Redemption Island was revealed to the Final 13 in a shocking twist.  Lindsey lost the duel and was eliminated while Ken was redeemed- returning to the game with immunity.  Lost in limbo, Kelly returned to Redemption Island as it would publicly return for the rest of the game.

Ken's entrance meant the final 14 were now merged into one tribe- Orkun.  Despite there being tribal lines in play, there was still tension revolving around the origin of where each castaway posted.  At the next Immunity Challenge, Joe couldn't take it any longer and was medically evacuated from the game- while the pecking order was revealed in a coconut chopping challenge which allowed Denise & Jon to walk away with the necklaces.  At the first merge vote, the Bayon majority was set on voting out Hali- however, Erinn's last minute push to take out G.C. & Pete resulted in a massive majority turning on her instead- sending the former Ta Keo to Redemption Island.  In the next duel, Kelly was finally defeated and Erinn learned that anyone eliminated from here on out would be a member of the jury.

At the next few votes, the Bayon majority had a clear elimination order- quickly voting out Ken and his best ally, Hali.  However everything changed after the Survivor Auction allowed Hayden to separate the final 10 into two different tribes- allowing him & Bobby Jon to separate Reed & Reynold from the rest of the Bayons to form a new power alliance.  It was then revealed that both groups would separately vote someone out at Tribal Council, and the new power alliance claimed their first victim- Jon.  At the other tribe's vote, G.C. wasted his idol while a heart-breaking vote occurred as the Bayon alliance had to turn on one of their own- voting out Denise.

When the final 8 re-merged, Reed & Reynold continued their alliance with Bobby Jon & Hayden- blindsiding Brooke (even after she used her idol on Alexis) and then Pete.  However, Reynold went rogue on Reed as well, securing an idol from Bobby Jon in exchange for his vote.  Reynold was playing his own game, however, and emerged as a late game villain- blindsiding Bobby Jon with his own idol at the next vote.  Despite Hayden being left as the last Ta Keo standing, Reynold & Reed rekindled their old alliance long enough for Reed to settle a long standing score with Alexis- leaving G.C. on his own at the final four much like he was in Gabonica.  

At the first round of the final four, G.C. won the challenge and Hayden found himself sent to Redemption Island to duel against winners Alexis & Pete.  Hayden quickly returned but lost the next challenge to Reed, and quickly dismissed his chances at lasting another vote.  However, G.C. still had a score to settle for his alliance being voted out and caused a shocking tie vote between Hayden & Reynold.  Reynold chose to step down instead of compete in a tie-breaking challenge, allowing the other three advance to the penultimate day where they learned the hadn't made the finale just yet.

At the Final Immunity Challenge, Reed outlasted all the rest to secure his place in the Final Two.  Thinking he stood no chance based on tribal lines, Reed decided to take G.C. with him to the final two- voting out Hayden once again, making him the final member of the jury.  In the Final Tribal Council, both castaways were praised for their impressive game play and Second Chance stories- although some of G.C.'s moves were seen as spastic while Reed's involvement with his alliance with Reynold was questioned.  In the end, G.C. Brown's strong social strategy and ability to survive the ultimate dismantlement of his alliance gave him the ultimate favor of the Bayon-heavy jury and G.C. became the Second Chance Sole Survivor of Cambodia in a close vote of 7-4.

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Expanded Tribes Shuffled Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1.1 1.2 2 3.1 3.2 3.3 4 5 6 7 8.1 8.2 9 10 Re-vote 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Jay
9/10 votes
9/10 votes
4/6 votes
5/6 votes
3/6 votes
3/5 votes
5/7 votes
No vote
10/13 votes
4/12 votes
6/11 votes
4/5 votes
4/5 votes
5/9 votes
Tie Pete
3/7 votes
Bobby Jon
3/7 votes
3/5 votes
3/4 votes
Tie Reynold
2/4 votes
1/1 vote
Voter Vote
G.C. Kelly Lisa Ken Lindsey Erinn Ken Hayden Denise Reed Bobby Jon Bobby Jon Bobby Jon Hayden Hayden Reynold Reynold
Reed Kelly Jenny Lindsey Erinn Ken Hali Jon Brooke Pete Pete Alexis Alexis Hayden Hayden Hayden Hayden
Hayden Jay Rachel Pete Hayden Pete Jon Brooke (x2) Pete Pete G.C. (x2) Alexis Reed Reynold
Reynold Kelly Jenny Erinn Ken Denise Jon Brooke Bobby Jon Pete Bobby Jon Alexis Hayden Hayden
Alexis Kelly Hali Ken Erinn Ken Hali Denise Hayden Bobby Jon Bobby Jon Bobby Jon Hayden
Bobby Jon Jay Rachel Pete Ken Pete Jon Brooke Pete Alexis
Pete Kelly Lisa Ken Lindsey Erinn Ken Hali Denise Hayden Hayden
Brooke Kelly Rachel Erinn Ken Hali Pete Reed
Denise Rachel Reynold Lindsey Erinn Ken Hali Denise
Jon Kelly Jenny Lindsey Erinn Ken Hali Hayden
Hali Jay Lisa Alexis Erinn G.C. Pete
Ken Jay Lisa Alexis Erinn G.C.
Erinn Jay Rachel Pete
Joe Jay Joe Joe
Lindsey Jay Rachel G.C.
Jenny Jay Reynold
Rachel Kelly Lindsey
Lisa Jay Hali
Kelly Kelly
Jay Lindsey
Jury Vote
Finalist: G.C.
7/11 votes
4/11 votes
Juror Vote
Hayden G.C.
Reynold Reed
Pete G.C.
Alexis G.C.
Denise G.C.
Bobby Jon G.C.
Hali Reed
Brooke G.C.
Jon G.C.
Ken Reed
Erinn Reed