American Idol All Stars 2 was the second AI Redux game of the series. Originally hosted by Tom2433, he left after the second week and the game was taken over officially by Jordan. The entire final three from the first season returned to make up the judging panel as well as a special fourth judge who was added later in the season.

With fewer contestants, this season's format randomly divided the Top 16 into two random groups of two. For three weeks, the two groups would compete against each other and lowest vote getter from each group would be eliminated, leaving us with our Top 10. At that point, both groups would be combined into one final group, where each week the lowest vote getter would be eliminated until only one remained.

In the end, Kelly Clarkson/Jacare15 came back for redemption following her shocking elimination in the first season to defeat Kris Allen/wellmabk in a close vote for the title.


Chris Daughtry/chillfact0r7 - Host and Season 1 Winner

Simon Cowell/ANDand19 - Co-Host and Season 1 Runner-Up

Randy Jackson/saraholic - 2nd Runner-Up, Season 1

Kara Dioguardi/Tom2433 - Original Host Season 1

Ellen Degeneres/Jukebox Blues - Sixth Place, Season 1


Contestant Top 16 Group Top 10 Finalists Finish Bottom Twos Top Twos
Kellie Pickler

Colton Pierzina


1st Eliminated

1 0
Kristy Lee Cook


Two 2nd Eliminated 1 0
Jennifer Hudson


One 3rd Eliminated 1 0
David Cook


Two 4th Eliminated 1 1
Kimberly Caldwell


Two 5th Eliminated 1 0
Allison Iraheta


One 6th Eliminated 1 1
Diana DeGarmo


Two Top 10 7th Eliminated
1st Finalist Out
3 0
Ramiele Malubay

Wuming Shi

One Top 10 8th Eliminated
2nd Finalist Out
1 1
Jason Castro


One Top 10 9th Eliminated
3rd Finalist Out
2 1
Mishavonna Henson


One Top 10 10th Eliminated
4th Finalist Out
2 0
Christina Christian


One Top 10 11th Eliminated
5th Finalist Out
2 1
Carrie Underwood


Two Top 10 12th Eliminated
6th Finalist Out
2 2
Chris Richardson


Two Top 10 13th Eliminated
7th Finalist Out
1 2
Adam Lambert


One Top 10 14th Eliminated
8th Finalist Out
3 5
Kris Allen


Two Top 10 Runner-Up
2 5
Kelly Clarkson


Two Top 10 Winner
1 4

Elimination chartEdit

Note: Bottom 2 indicates that the contestant was 'saved' last.

Top 16 Top 10 Winner
Top 2 Safe Safe First Safe Last Eliminated

Stage: Semi-Finals Finals
Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finale
Place Contestant Result
1 Kelly Clarkson Top 2 B3 Top 2 Top 2 B2 Top 2 Winner
2 Kris Allen Top 2 Top 2 B2 Top 2 B3 B2 Top 2 Top 2 Runner-Up
3 Adam Lambert Top 2 Top 2 Top 2 B3 B2 Top 2 Top 2 Elim
4 Chris Richardson B3 Top 2 B3 Top 2 B3 Elim
5 Carrie Underwood B2 Top 2 Top 2 Elim
6 Christina Christian Top 2 B2 Elim
7 Mishavonna Henson Elim
8 Jason Castro Top 2 B2 Elim
9 Ramiele Malubay Elim
10 Diana DeGarmo Elim
11-12 Allison Iraheta Top 2 Elim
Kimberly Caldwell
13-14 David Cook Top 2 Elim
Jennifer Hudson
15-16 Kristy Lee Cook Elim
Kellie Pickler